Hey folks.

I'm Kyle.

All 3 of my kids look like my beautiful wife, thankfully. Teach everything you know. Amazed by Grace.

Shultz Photo School

helping parents (and Now Students) take better pics.

Since 2015 we’ve helped over 130,000 parents learn to take better pics of their kids. In 2020, we started offering photography courses for students. If you’re an educator, we’d love to partner with you.

Youth Baseball School

Online Baseball Instruction

What started out as an online library of baseball courses is now evolving into a fully featured tool to develop yourself and your entire team.

Youth Soccer School

Online Soccer Instruction

Not gonna lie. Even though I started Youth Baseball School first (as a lifelong baseball player), all the best ideas for what an online coaching platform needs came from the soccer community. If you’re a soccer coach, club, league, or parent, we’d love to partner with you!

The Dean Co.


I survived (the real world) marketing class…and actually liked it. Maybe I can help?

Shultz Photography

I still take pics. But mostly for fun.

Great reasons to pick up my camera include: everyday with my family, ball games, and volunteer shooting a great cause.

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