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Curt & Deb!

Thanks so much for giving me the chance to audition as a “helper-guy” (official) for your content marketing production and strategy. 

You two are impressive. It’s clear you know your biz. It’s clear you have a vision. I honestly ask myself what I can bring to the table!

Of course, I do know first hand what an overwhelming commitment content marketing can be. It’s all the following things…


Deciding what content to produce now. What content to produce next. And what content to produce after that.

Funnel Design

Structuring content to turn more website visitors into leads. Email list growth might also be beneficial.

Video Production

Capture, editing, and publishing video can be outright draining and can grind content output to a screeching halt.


Doing nerdy things to ensure Google sees it and likes it.

Web Design

Arranging all this content to where it's beautiful and converts.

Paid Leads

Facebook Ads. Google PPC. Youtube Ads.

Initial Proposal:

Video Production

I think the main bottleneck you currently face is video production. Thing is, video is a great format for Curt (natural teacher). Video also builds the know-like-trust factor more than any other medium.

My goal is to make video production as painless as possible. Imagine looking forward to “video day” because you get to have a conversation with your ideal customer. 

Making the right first impression with video is always worth every penny.

Time Commitment

My biggest hurdle is the same as yours: TIME.

I like the idea of trying to film once per month for 1-2 hours at a time, then using the rest of the month for editing and publishing.

Deb could keep us on track with an overall content calendar. But we could keep it conversational enough to leave room for the flow state to happen.


$2500 / Month



4-6 videos per month, each 2-3 minutes with some stretching 3-5 minutes when appropriate. We would batch video capture into one session per month, leaving the editing and publishing to roll out the remainder of the month.

I prefer to be paid only after I’ve done a great job for you (once at the end of each month).

If I finish video edits quicker than my own personal time budget, I’d let you know and see what other area I could chip in with. 


Time Horizon

Could we both budget for 4 months of production (August – November)? 

Then we could perhaps both re-evaluate after that. Maybe we’ll find it’s the perfect amount and a win/win to continue. Maybe we’ll find it’s a good time to pause. Maybe we’ll find there’s additional things I could help with.


Investment Return

Bottom Line

Goal: Book 12 additional projects in 2021 at an average of 30k per project (360k total) as a result of effective content marketing. This won’t all happen through video alone. SEO and/or paid lead ads are needed. But video is a foundational piece. 

Another good metric to track through this time might be email list growth. Perhaps you know another metric?

Additional 2021 Revenue
Average Project Revenue
Email List Growth
Awesome Metric 100%

Next Steps


In order for us both to plan / budget for the fall, I’m wondering if we might be able to get started by 8/10/2020? 

Another item: wrap up the first shoot. We honestly have 3 videos at least that could come from it.

I’m open to get together anytime, have a Zoom meeting, etc. Just let me know!

Thanks again Curt and Deb!

Want to connect?

Drop me a line.