Barn 2.0

Hitting. Pitching. Hoops.



Barn 2.0 would triple the hitting space of Barn 1.0. One hitting lane could be converted on the fly into a full 60’6″ pitching lane. All hitting nets could be removed to make space for a small basketball practice area.

2.0 would also have heat, an indoor bathroom (overrated), a space to watch video, and could accommodate team rentals and individual instruction.

2.0 would be conveniently located on the corner of Moore Rd and 125/97.


Unlimited access from 3-5pm and 8-10pm Mon-Fri for only $50/mo. 40 person limit.


Rent the entire facility for your practice. 90 minute increments only.


Individual lessons via instructors welcome. Lanes available in 30 minute increments.

Now Accepting Barn 2.0

Member Reservations

Barn Members get unlimited access between 3-5pm and 8-10pm Mon-Fri. 

Outside of those times members get continued access if it’s not rented / in use. If only 1 lane is rented, the other 2 lanes are open to members. Schedules will be published online for planning.

For the Grand Opening only, memberships are $50/mo paid yearly ($600). Family memberships (up to 3 siblings) are $75/mo paid yearly ($900). This pricing is only for founding members and is locked in for the life of the membership. Future membership pricing will be $100/month.

Memberships are limited to 40. Members can bring a parent or sibling for instruction and assistance.

Reserve your membership with a simple verbal commitment. Just email me or text me (Kyle). Fees due by Grand Opening slated for 1/1/2020. 

Wanted: Barn 2.0


  • Flooring Sponsor: $5000
  • Cage 1 Sponsor: $2500 
  • Cage 2 Sponsor: $2500
  • Cage 3 Sponsor: $2500
  • Screen Sponsor: $2500
  • Mound Sponsor: $1000

Flooring Sponsor includes (1) lifetime membership. Cage Sponsor and Screen Sponsor includes (1) 4-year membership. Mound Sponsor includes (1) 2-year membership.

All sponsors will be listed with signage inside.

Barn 2.0 "before" picture


Members will be given a keypad code for access. The entire facility will be monitored via video 24-7-365.

Yes, for instruction and/or assistance. Ie: to throw bp, soft-toss, etc.

We probably won’t want non-driving players to be there completely alone for safety reasons. We’ll probably just want 1 adult present as Barn 2.0 will not be a “staffed” facility. Final answer TBD.

Absolutely. Members can access the barn during team hours (5-8pm Mon-Fri) and on weekends so long as it’s not booked. We’ll publish the calendar online so you can plan.

We’re working to build a small list of preferred instructor partners. We don’t have those names finalized yet.

Absolutely. If you bring your instructor during Member Time (3-5pm and 8-10pm) then you must be courteous of the other members present.

We don’t foresee this happening often, but when it does we’ll have all 3 hitting lanes split (6 total), 8 cuts and rotate.  This will still allow for plenty of reps.  

Yes he will.

Just let me know via email or text (verbal commitment is all). Member fee will be due at Barn 2.0 launch slated for 1/1/2020. Members spots are limited to 40. 

Barn 2.0 Member


  1. Trager Shultz
  2. Payson Shultz
  3. Kerbi Shultz
  4. Kreston Shultz
  5. Brady Marshall
  6. Brock Marshall
  7. Carter Durako
  8. Drake Durako
  9. Drew Washam
  10. Jax Washam
Barn 2.0 "before" picture

To the future...

Contact me with questions and ideas.