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Well, it’s already that time again. :)  The new blog is at Everything now lives under one roof.  Make sure and visit often.  Better yet, subscribe to it! I’ll be updating several times a week!  A lot is set to happen in 2010!

In case you’re back here again for a second time, update your bookmark :)  Remember, this blog is now in the archives.  You need not come back, except to reminisce.


Merry Christmas!

Okay, first off, sorry for the blog neglect.  Truth be told, no exaggerations, there’s been a ton happening.  A few days we pumped out 5 edits and trying to blog them all was… very difficult.  I’ve also been busting tail trying to get the new studio ready for the big move.  Tons to come on that.  Plus a brand new blog-site should be weeks away from launching.  This includes a brand refreshment.  TONS going on.  Stay tuned next week for a baby announcement (God willing), and after that, we’ll kick off 2010 with a bang (new site, updated brand, and brand new studio).

More importantly, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!  Slow down and be intentional about enjoying your family and friends over the next few days!

The Drum Family | Springfield IL Family Photographer

Fun downtown family session!  Believe it or not, the daughter’s eyes are barely enhanced (as I tend to not shop eyes), they’re just that fantastic. Thanks so much guys and Happy Thanksgiving!


Alyssa + Randy | Springfield IL Wedding Photographer

Congrats to Alyssa + Randy!  Just finished the final edit and I don’t have much time to post, but wanted to get up a few very quickly!  Alyssa and Randy were awesome to work with.  Relaxed and fun, and the most on time bride in the history of weddings :)  Really looking forward to working more with you guys in the coming weeks.  Thanks again!


Meghan + Anthony ENG | Springfield IL Wedding Photographer

If there’s a couple that is more thoughtful and generous with encouragement than Meghan and Anthony, then I have yet to meet them.  Seriously, these two of been some of the kindest and most appreciative people I’ve ever worked with.  Thanks so much, and I’m looking forward to the wedding next year!


Sarah P. Family | Springfield IL Family Photographer

Thanks so much to Sarah for having me out to her place this fall.  Wow…what an amazing piece of earth they have out west of town.  And they are the perfect family to enjoy it…such great people.  I appreciate the chance to work with you and look forward to staying in touch!




Emily + Ryan | Springfield IL Wedding Photographer

So thankful for the opportunity to photography Emily and Ryan’s wedding.  I know Emily from high school and have always enjoyed her family.  Ryan is a Cubs fan, which means he can’t be that bad.  Turns out he’s great as well.  I wish you both the best in the years ahead!


Halloween 09

Trager Dean was a farmer on Saturday.  Best farmer ever.  Can’t believe how grown up he looks in some of these.  Julie might cry. ;-)

More on my (new) Flickr page.

This first one is my favorite thing that has come out of my camera in a year.


or maybe these…



Some others:





Ashley + James | Springfield IL Wedding Photographer

Congrats Ashely and James!  Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity and for being so great to work with (even in the rain :-) )!  Looking foward to staying in touch!


Jacqueline C | Springfield IL Senior Photographer

Meet Jacqueline, SR at Riverton HS. I hope vball finishes well for you Jacqueline, and best wishes for all that lies ahead!